Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Congrats to Greg Schwipps (MFA '98)

Congrats to Greg Schwipps (MFA '98, fiction) on being named a finalist in the Emerging Writer category of the Eugene and Marilyn Glick Indiana Authors Award!

Indiana Authors Award

CRWROPPS comes through again!

Jason Brown (MFA '08, fiction) sings the praises of CRWROPPS in this post...


I won a scholarship to the DePaul Summer Writing Conference, July 17-19. My essay, "My First Time in Japan Visiting In-laws" was chosen as the judging committee’s favorite. Along with the scholarship, I’ll be giving a reading as part of the conference’s closing session at the Chicago Public Library’s Pritzker Auditorium. If not for CRWROPPS, I wouldn’t have even known about this.



You are welcome, Jason!  As the moderator of the CRWROPPS list (aka Creative Writers Opportunities List), I'm always happy to hear when folks succeed with information they've gotten from the list.  As SIUC's MFA program director, I'm doubly pleased to hear one of the scholarship winners is from the ranks of our alums! Congrats, Jason!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Congrats to Chris Allen (MFA '07)!

It pays to check the blog. Witness this note from Chris Allen (MFA '07, fiction):


I just wanted to pass on some news:  My story "An Acute Lack of Perspective" has been accepted at The Wanderlust Review.  They said they may split it into two sections, but some or all of it should be up on or shortly after their relaunch on July 1.

I also want to thank you for maintaining the bulletin board.  I would not have known about this publication opportunity if I hadn't seen the news about Tim's story on the board.  In short, you rock.
Chris Allen

Congrats, Chris!  And thanks for the compliment. You all make it easy with the constant flow of good news!

Wanderlust Review

Friday, June 19, 2009

Ben Percy (MFA '04) in latest Poets and Writers

Ben Percy (MFA '04) has a fine essay on momentum in fiction in the new issue of Poets and Writers, but you can only read it in the print edition. So get a copy and soak up the wisdom.

Poets and Writers

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Congrats to Alex Lumans!

Alex Lumans (MFA '09, fiction) continues his hot genre crossover action:

My poem "Before and After the Recovery of Uncle Ari's Body" won third place in the Midwest Writing Center’s 2009 Off Channel Mississippi Valley Poetry Contest (regional division) (and also a mouthful).  That poem and two other poems of mine that were also finalists will be published in the awards anthology Off Channel.

And a poem of mine called "At Night, the Valentine Armadillo Hides Valentine Cards" was accepted for publication in the anthology Collecting Life: Poets on Objects Known and Imagined.


Congrats as always, Lumans!

Midwest Writing Center

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Young Writers Workshop 2009 is almost here!

The Young Writers Workshop, SIUC's annual creative writing workshop for high school-aged writers, will be in session from June 23 to June 27th, 2009.  You are cordially invited to attend any of the readings below, which are part of this year's schedule:


JUNE 23rd, 2009:

SIUC Faculty Reading: Pinckney Benedict

Faner 1326, (Harry T. Moore Auditorium), 8 PM


JUNE 24th, 2009:

SIUC Graduate Creative Writers Reading:

Azizat Danmole, A.K. Thompson, Derand Wright, Katie Zapoluch

Faner Hall 1006, 4-5 PM


Visiting Writer Reading: Michael Meyerhofer

Faner Hall 1326, (Harry T. Moore Auditorium), 8PM


JUNE 25th, 2009:

SIUC Graduate Creative Writers Reading:

Reggie Vargas, Amie Whittemore, Janelle Blasdel, Melissa Scholes Young

Faner Hall 1006, 4-5 PM


Visiting Writer Reading: Josh Woods and

the Versus Anthology, a Book Release Party

Faner Hall 1326, (Harry T. Moore Auditorium), 8 PM


JUNE 26th, 2009:

SIUC Graduate Creative Writers Reading:

Lane Kareska, Travis Mossotti, Jenna Bazzell, Rick Pechous

Faner Hall 1005, 4-5 PM


Visiting Writer Reading: Adrian Matejka

Faner Hall 1325 (Harry T. Moore Auditorium), 8 PM


JUNE 27th, 2009:

Young Writers Workshop Participant Reading

Cisne Auditorium, Pulliam Hall 34, 1:30 PM


Monday, June 15, 2009

Poemspotting: Meyerhofer on Verse Daily

Michael Meyerhofer (MFA '06) is the featured poet on Verse Daily today, with a poem from his newly-published collection, Blue Collar Eulogies:

"Diagnosing God"

Michael will be in Carbondale at month's end, for a reading during the annual Young Writers Workshop. Details here:

YWW Public Readings

Later the same day, I received this note from MM:

Hi, Allison.  Got a few poetry acceptances: "The Revision" was taken by Rosebud, "Anaphora" was taken by Anon Poetry Magazine, "American Sin, 2005" was taken by Naugatuck River Review, "Tornado Alley" was taken by Boxcar Poetry Review, and "Skandha" was taken by National Poetry Review.  Hope all is well!  

That's more than a few, don't you all think? Congrats, MM!  See you soon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Congrats to Jason Brown!

More blogginess!  More congrats!  This time for Jason Brown (MFA '08, fiction):


Spoon River Poetry Review has taken my poem “Intersection” and the American Poetry Journal has taken my poem “Advice for the New You” which was named honorable mention in last year’s Roxana Rivera Memorial Poetry Contest.

My blank verse sonnet “Chores with My Father” which was name Honorable Mention in last year’s Academy of American Poets Prize is out in the current issue of the Tar River Poetry Review.

Also, I am giving a presentation at the Southern Illinois Writers Guild at 7 p.m., Thursday (June 18). SIWG meets in the Terrace Dining Room, off the cafeteria in the main building at John A Logan College. I am told it is open to the public.


Spoon River Poetry Review
American Poetry Journal
Tar River Poetry

Congrats to Kerry James Evans!

I don't know what it is today! The good news is coming in faster than I can get it on the blog! This time the good news is from Kerry James Evans (MFA '09, poetry):

Grist took "The Iron Gate" and Copper Nickel took two poems: "Mary Magdalene Leaving Jesus" and "Atlanta."


Copper Nickel

Poemspotting: Travis Mossotti

Third-year poetry MFA student Travis Mossotti has news too:

Dear Allison,

My poem "Crossing the Gap" is out in Rattle's summer issue, and yesterday I found out Dark Horse (a journal simul-published out of New York & Scotland) has accepted my poem "Red Roof Inn" for their forthcoming issue.


Dark Horse

Storyspotting: Melissa Scholes Young

Second-year fiction student Melissa Scholes Young also has a newly-published story:

Hi, Allison. I wanted to let you know that I am the featured creative mom with Maternal Spark. They've published a piece of my flash fiction entitled "Silk Flowers."

Hope you are having a restful summer.

Maternal Spark

Storyspotting: Rachel Furey (MFA '09)

A head's up on a newly-published Rachel Furey (MFA '09, fiction) story:


I just wanted to pass along the news that my story "Cleaning Up" is now up in the fifth issue of Freight Stories.

Hope all is well back in Carbondale.


Freight Stories

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Ben Percy (MFA '04) reads at Ropewalk Writers Retreat

Ben Percy (MFA '04) is part of the faculty at this year's Ropewalk Writers Retreat. He reads tonight as a part of the conference. The reading is free and open to the public.
Details here:
Ropewalk Schedule

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Mark Brewin checks in

Some news from Mark Brewin (second-year poetry):

ahoy there, allison.

i hope all is well in gorgeous southern illinois.  while on vacation in disney world, i received a phone call with some news that only added to the happiness: my poem "True Oysters" was selected for first place in the Delaware Bay Days Poetry Contest--which includes a lovely cash prize ($300 bucks, so i am told).  on getting the good news, i was also informed that in the poetry contest's eight year history, my poem was the first to be unanimously selected by all judges as the winning piece.  nice.  thank goodness for the CRWROPPS listserve for letting me know what is happening in my home state!  enjoy the summer heat!

Only Mark could have written this!  Congrats!


Delaware Bay Days

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Congrats to Tim Shea (MFA '08)

Now our other Tim (Tim Shea, MFA '08, poetry) checks in:

Hey Allison,

Good news. My poem 'Giving CPR' will be out in the next issue of Poetry Ireland Review.


Congrats, T-shea! Taking the UK by storm!

Poetry Ireland Review

Congrats to Tim Marsh (MFA '06)!

Another week, another story acceptance for Tim Marsh (MFA '06, fiction)!

Hey Allison--

Man, the program is really kicking arse. Great to see.

Some more news: My story, "January, Newfoundland", was just accepted as the feature story for the relaunch of the The Wanderlust Review (previously Wanderlust Journal) in July.

Congrats to all MFA's, past and present.


And congrats to you too, Tim!

PS The Wanderlust Review officially relaunches in July 2009. Until then, I'll post a link to the submissions guidelines:
Wanderlust Submissions

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Congrats to Jamie Walczak!

Jamie Walczak (MFA '04, poetry) has been selected for a very special and unique honor! She has been selected by the Turkish Cultural Foundation to participate in the annual Turkish Cultural Tour for Teachers! Jamie will travel to Turkey at the end of July courtesy the Turkish Cultural Foundation and the World Affairs Council of America. Jamie will be in Turkey from July 27 to August 7, 2009! Jamie currently teaches at Herrin High School.
Congrats, Jamie, and safe travel!

Teacher Study Tour, Turkey

Poemspotting: Michael Meyerhofer (MFA '06)

Check out Meyerhofer in the latest issue of the Valparaiso Poetry Review:

Valparaiso Poetry Review

Poemspotting: Jan LaPerle (MFA '06)

Check out these new poems from Jan LaPerle (MFA '06, poetry):


And a story too!

Storyspotting: Fiction Alums Percy and Simpson

Fiction alums Ben Percy (MFA '04) and Chad Simpson (MFA '05) both have stories in this exciting new anthology:

You Must Be This Tall

Review: Mixology by Adrian Matejka (MFA '01)

Review of Mixology, the new collection of poetry by Adrian Matejka (MFA '01, poetry):

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Two Finalists, One Program!

Kerry James Evans (MFA '09, poetry) writes with this great news:

Soldier's Apology is a finalist for the National Poetry Series.

Two finalists from one program is quite remarkable! Congrats, Kerry, on your book manuscript being named a finalist!

National Poetry Series

Monday, June 01, 2009

Mossotti Strikes Again!

Travis Mossotti (third-year, poetry) is making us all proud these days:

My poems "Trivial Pursuit" & "Getting Arrested" were accepted for publication for the May 2010 issue of subtropics. Also, I just found out that my book manuscript, About the Dead, has been named a finalist for the National Poetry Series.

Congrats, Travis!

National Poetry Series