Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Congrats to Michael Meyerhofer (MFA '06, poetry)

Michael Meyerhofer (MFA '06, poetry) writes with a lot of upcoming credits:

Hey, Allison. I've had some good luck the past couple months and thought I'd pass these on.

My poems "Westbound Elegy" and "Post Grads" were taken by American Poetry Journal, "Touch" was taken by Los Angeles Review, and "Tattoo Parlor" was taken by Barn Owl Review. Also, "To the President of the American Begonia Society," "Mother’s Day," "If The World" and “Racial Memories” were taken by New York Quarterly. A short story, "The Hero's Wife," was accepted by Planet Magazine. Last, my poem, "Oasis," will be published as an Honorable Mention in the New Millennium Writings poetry contest, judged by Nikki Giovanni.

Hope you're well! Take care,


Congrats, MM! That's a lot of published and forthcoming work!

American Poetry Journal
Los Angeles Review (they like us; they really like us!)
Barn Owl Review
New York Quarterly
New Millennium Writings