Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making Mama Proud: More Great News from MFA Carbondale folks

from James Scoles, third-year fiction writing student:
I've been awarded a major writing grant by the Canada Council for the Arts--six months of financial support--for me to work on my novel 'Spit in the Ocean.' The grant also covers a month-long return trip to Ireland this fall.

from Leslie Adams, first-year poetry student:
I just got the news that Quarterly West has accepted two poems, "Notes from the Cold" and "Elegy with Moon and Snake," for publication. Exciting!

from Tim Marsh (MFA '06, fiction):
The Los Angeles Review will publish my story "How to Make White People Happy" in October, and Pure Francis will publish my CNF piece "Communitas Lost" this summer.

How's that for good news!