Friday, June 04, 2010

Alumni Achievements: June 2010

from Andy McFadyen-Ketchum (MFA '09, poetry):
Borderlands is publishing my review of Karen An-hwei Lee's Ardor (Tupelo Press) in an upcoming issue. I'm excited because this is my first largely critical review to be published. Kinda scary too... They have also commissioned me to write a review of David Wevill's Selected Works, edited by Michael McGriff (Truman State University Press).

from Kathryn Kerr (MFA '00, poetry):
Kathryn's poems have appeared recently in:
llinois English Bulletin, Spring 2010, V97 N.2: "The Wall", "Elegy for Nathan", and "What My Students Learned About Writing Fiction"
WordRiver: V2, 2010, "Brother Sun"

from Tim Marsh (MFA '06, fiction):
My essay “The Verse” will appear (for sweet money) in the Newfoundland Quarterly sometime this summer (possibly the fall). I’ll also have stories appearing in Milk Money Magazine and LIT: Journal of the New School, and my CNF piece “Communitas Lost” will headline the July 11th edition of Pure Francis.

Lastly, my CNF essay “A Month Before 30, Summit of Signal Hill” will be recorded and featured at Splinter Generation’s Los Angeles Reading Series, June 24th, for anybody in the area. On that note, please look for my story “How to Make White People Happy” in the upcoming issue of the Los Angeles Review, due out October 1st.