Thursday, July 29, 2010

Late July News and Notes from Alums and Current Students

from Melissa Scholes Young (third-year, fiction):
I received my contributor copy of New Madrid today in which my essay "Carne" appears and found a delightful story entitled "A Flowery Tale" by Beth Lordan. What a treat!

New Madrid

Also, my essay "Lying in Mark Twain's Footsteps" came out in the inaugural issue of The Village Pariah.

Village Pariah

Oh, and I saw two of Rodney Jones' poems in the Spring/Fall 2010 Shenandoah.

from Emily Pruitt (MFA '03, poetry):
Hunger Mountain has accepted my poems "Mister" and "The Body Fails" for publication! You might remember "Mister"; it was the one you helped me with at the St Louis Poetry Center workshop this past winter. :)

from Justin Hamm (MFA '05, fiction):
Willow Review took "the autobiography, nearly" and Nimrod International Journal picked up "Rebekah Just When the Drought Was Ending" and "Illinois Route 3."

from Ben Percy (MFA '04 fiction):
A starred review for Ben's first novel in Publisher's Weekly:

Congrats to all! Thanks for making Carbondale proud!