Friday, September 17, 2010

Catching Up With Michael Meyerhofer (MFA '06)

A note from poetry alum Michael Meyerhofer:

Got some poetry publication updates: “Ode to the Boxing Clapboard” was taken by Hayden’s Ferry Review, “The Birthdays of Ex-Lovers” was taken by Los Angeles Review, “Sensei” was taken by Chiron Review, “Lilium Lophophorum” was taken by Summerset Review, and “Zen for Dummies” and “Postmodern Zazen” were taken by Mandala Journal.

A few prose updates, too: “I Should Warn You” was taken by Flashquake, my fantasy novella, “Taliessa’s Wish,” was taken by Realms, and a sci-fi story, “Celestial Encounters,” was taken by Encounters Magazine.

Also, I’ll be giving a little lecture at the Writers’ Center of Indiana on October 23.

Thanks for the update, MM! Congrats on all of this good news!