Monday, January 31, 2011

Publication Alert: Shawn Mitchell

My story "Imitation Feast" will be in the first issue of Prime Mincer:

The first issue comes out March 15th, and they're considering submissions until February 15th. They move fast.
Prime Mincer

More Forthcoming Publications!!

We're on a roll this morning!  Here's a note from Pete Lucas, first-year student in fiction:

My story "Running" has been picked up for publication in the February issue of The Montreal Review, which is nice because I've always had an affinity for French Canadians.

Congrats, PL!

Publication Updates from Current Students and Grads

from first-year student in poetry Bryan Estes:

I'm happy to report that my poem, "Oh," has made the cut for the first edition of Prime Mincer.

from Amie Whittemore (MFA '10, poetry):

I wanted to let you know that "Inevitable Attraction" and "Saplings" have been accepted for publication by Copper Nickel.


Friday, January 28, 2011

Travis Mossotti: Upcoming Publications!

Congrats to Travis Mossotti (MFA '10, poetry), who sends news of the following upcoming publications:

"I had the courage…" is forthcoming at Poet Lore;
 "Surgery" is forthcoming at Moon City Review; "Regionalism, Spiritualism, Confessionalism" is forthcoming at Quiddity. 

Great to hear from you, TM!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Publication Alert: Lane Kareska

Third-year fiction writer Lane Kareska writes with this happy news:

I just wanted to pass along that my short story "The Dragoon" was
recently published by Pill Hill Press in their new book Powers: A
Superhero Anthology. I just received my copy and it's a colorful,
energetic collection. Happy to be in it.

Congrats, Lane!! Sounds like a great fun read!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brenna Lemieux: Forthcoming Poem!

Great news this Tuesday afternoon from third-year poet Brenna Lemieux:

I'm writing with the glad tidings that my poem "On Bridge Street" has been accepted at Lumina Magazine. 
Thanks for keeping us all up to date on the lives & times of the MFA folks!

Congrats, Brenna!  It's a gift to be able to follow SIUC talent!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pinckney Benedict Update!

from PB himself:

Although MIRACLE BOY AND OTHER STORIES (Press 53, 2010) was not a finalist for The Story Prize, it has been selected for the long list of "other notable 2010 short story collections, along with books by Nadine Gordimer, Joyce Carol Oates, Ron Rash, Brad Watson, and other folks whom I admire.

Story Prize Long List

Congrats, PB!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

More Publication Love for SIUC writers

Here's more news of current or upcoming publications by SIUC MFAs--both current students and grads:

Nick Ostdick (current second-year in fiction):
Anthills, a small press publication out of Milwaukee, has accepted a short-short of mine entitled 'How to Set A Car on Fire' for their Spring 2011 issue, due out in April.

Abby Wheetley (MFA, fiction, 2009):
"Regarding the Mothers" was accepted for publication in CaKe.

Kerry James Evans (MFA, poetry, 2009):
"Night Fishing" was accepted for publication in Prairie Schooner.

Matthew Guenette (MFA, poetry, 1999):
I have two new poems in the latest Barn Owl Review. I'm also the featured poet in the latest Anti-:
Matt Guenette

Congrats to the hardest-working writers I know!! SIUC MFAs rule!!!

Friday, January 07, 2011

New Year's Kudos to---

Jared Y. Sexton (MFA, fiction, '08):
Wanted to pass along word that my collection Just Listen was named a finalist for the 2010 New American Fiction Award, judged by Lee K. Abbott. And, a couple of hours later, my story It is Wide and It is Deep was accepted by Abby Wheetley and Peter Lucas over at Prime Mincer.

John Owen (second-year, poetry):
Some good news to start off the new year. DMQ Review has picked up "Field Song" for their next issue.

Melissa Scholes Young (third-year, fiction):
My poem "Coconut Water," which I wrote in workshop with Judy, will be published in Tapestry. Spring 2011, I believe.

Congrats to all! Nice way to start the year!!!