Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kudos to Lumans and Brewin

News from some recent alums:

Alex Lumans (MFA '09, fiction):

A story of mine entitled "The Dictionary of Your Fears" was published
yesterday at Necessary Fiction. And the day before, they posted an
essay of mine with a far too long title ("Parochial Plaids,
Self-Cogitation, the Water Moccasin Myth, and "I Might Want to Come
Back": How You're Already Trying to Figure Out What This List Means").

Also, Blackbird accepted my story "Signs and Wonders" for publication.

Mark Jay Brewin, Jr. (MFA '11, poetry):

I am happy to say that my poem "So Intricate, So Inconceivably
Complex" has been accepted for publication in Columbia Poetry Review.
You, Rodney and Judy have all seen this poem in every incantation, and
it would not have been picked up without your diligent work. Thanks
very much.

Congrats, Alex and Mark!!!