Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Congrats to Mark Jay Brewin, Jr!

Congrats to Mark Brewin (MFA '11, poetry):

I am pleased to say that my poems "On Sea Glass" and "Mother('s)-"
(which won third place in the Roxana Rivera contest) have been
accepted to be printed in the Fall/Winter Issue of Interrobang?!,
while my poem "A Turn of Phrase" is being featured on the main page of
their website:

Check it out. It's nice to have a little online presence.

Great news, Mark! Congrats!

Congrats to Melissa Scholes Young (MFA '11, fiction)

News from Melissa Scholes Young (MFA '11, fiction):

Saw Palm accepted my nonfiction piece entitled "Bean Point" and I have
a poem, "Escape from Brazil" coming out in the next issue of Tampa
Review. I also have an interview with Ana Menendez being published
with the good folks at Fiction Writers Review. I'll let you know when
it's live.

Congrats, MSY!

Congrats to Jung Hae Chae!

Third-year poetry MFA Jung Hae Chae has great news:

I'm delighted to share news of my upcoming publication (first ever!).
My poem, "Dream of the Forest Inside Desert," will be published in
Third Coast in Fall 2012.

Congrats, Jung!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Congrats to Mark Jay Brewin, Jr.

Congrats to Mark Brewn (MFA '11, poetry) on another forthcoming publication!

I am happy to say that my poem, "Letter about my last night in
Carbondale, Illinois" was accepted for publication in Mason's Road out
of Fairfield University. It's a long one, too. Another poem that would
have never come to be--skill or subject wise--if I hadn't attended the
wonderful MFA program at SIUC. Missing all of you.

Monday, December 05, 2011

Lumans update: Pushcart Nomination

Congrats to Alex Lumans (MFA '09, fiction):

The Journal has decided to nominate my story, "The American Indian is
Dead," which came out in their spring issue and which is still up on
their website, for a Pushcart Prize. I'm now indebted forever to them.


Publication Alert: Rick Pechous

Congrats to Rick Pechous (MFA '11) on this newly published story:

It'd be great if you could post the link to this story I wrote a while
back that just came out today from Nashville Review. It's a longer
piece titled, "The Eagle Has Conjured Itself into a Dry Leaf Floating
in the Wind."

Nashville Review

Publication Alert: Ruth Awad

Congrats to Ruth Awad (MFA '12, poetry)

I'm happy to pass along news that RHINO has accepted my poem "Winter
Salat" for publication and will be out in print in April 2012.

Congrats, Ruth!