Tuesday, February 14, 2012

News from Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum (MFA '09)

Here's an update from Andrew McFadkyen-Ketchum (MFA "09, poetry):

Man, sorry I haven't sent you anything in so long. It's been a pretty
amazing 12 months or so, but the first few weeks of 2012 have been
just out of control. The highlights:

"Corridor" and "Driving into the Cumberland" were selected to be in
The Southern Poetry Anthology: Tennessee

My anthology proposal for a book of Apocalyptic Lit (working title
Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days) was accepted by
Upper Rubber Boot Books

I was given first prize in the Emerging Poets Prize awarded by
Methodist University's 22nd Southern Writers Symposium.

I just became (today!) a Contributing Editor for Southern Literary
Review. Check out my web-column called "poetry=am^k" (The title was
Ron Mitchell's idea, not mine) on their website,

And I had 3 panels taken by AWP that are going to be awesome. I have a
feeling you may know a few of the participants:

F114. Redefining Lyric: Five Poets Featured on PoemoftheWeek.org Read
Their Work on Friday at 9:00, F138. Apocalypse Now: A Multi-Genre
Reading of Apocalyptic Literature on Friday at 10:30, and F149.
Ghostwriting the Eulogy: How to Survive and Make Your Name beyond the
Academy with a Degree in Creative Writing at noon.

Congrats on all this, AMK!