Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Re: Publication

Melissa Scholes Young (MFA' 11, fiction) writes with a note about a
very special essay:

Ten years to publication, Allison. I'm kind of proud of this essay and
all that this crazy mothering ride has taught me.


Roxana Rivera Memorial Poetry Contest Winners!

Announcing the Winners of the 2013 Roxana Rivera Memorial Poetry Contest



Judge Nickole Brown, poet and professor at University of Arkansas
Little Rock, has chosen to honor the following poets and poems:


Winner: Chelsey Harris for "After the Second Accident"

Runner Up: Kevin Savoie for "to Mrs. F – a memory of sitting up late
and watching a particular scarring episode of "All in the Family"

Runner Up: Shaylin Goins for "c/o Menard Correctional Center, 1975"


Winner: Brett Gaffney for "An Offering"

Runner Up: Max Schleicher for "60th Street Boogie"

Runner Up: Austin Kodra for "Flame and Sometimes Water"

Please join us on Thursday, March 28 2013 at 4 pm in the Old Baptist
Foundation Recital Hall for an awards ceremony featuring a reading from
our judge, Nickole Brown, author of Sister, published by Red Hen
Press. The winners will also read their award-winning poems. There
will be a booksigning and reception in the Faner Humanities Lounge
after the ceremony.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mark Jay Brewin--update number two!

More great news from Mark Jay Brewin (MFA '11, poetry):

There has been much good news these days as far as publications. My poems
"Ned Kelly Exiled in New Zealand" and "Below Corson's Inlet Bridge" were
just published in the current, Spring issue of Innisfree Poetry Journal (and
is now available online, "A
Borrowed Childhood Memory, Alloway, 4 July 1967" was published online at
Booth (and is also available now and
lastly, "What Cheer?" and "Jacobaea Vulgaris" were just picked up by diode.

And--a quick bit of shameless self-promotion--my book will be officially
available online on April 15th! With the reading tour beginning on April
11th at UNC-Greensboro. It's going to be a jam-packed Spring and Summer!

Congrats on all your great news, MJB!!

Mark Brewin update, number one

Mark Jay Brewin (MFA '11, poetry)--update one:

I am pleased to say that my poem "A Borrowed Childhood Memory,
Alloway, 4 July 1967"
(that was originally accepted for publication online at Booth) will be
featured in Winged City Press's anthology "Bourbon for Blood." AND the only
way I would have found out about this anthology is through your amazing
CRWROPPS listserv! Huzzah!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Publication for Bryan Estes!

Hot on the heels of his successful thesis defense, Bryan Estes (MFA
'13, poetry) has this great news:

This just in from Jubilat:

"Congratulations! We are thrilled and delighted to accept 'Another Poem
without a Walrus' for publication."

Congrats, Bryan on this and on your thesis defense!

Women's History Month Readings 2013

Women's Words Reading, Wednesday, March 27 at 7pm in the Old Baptist Recital Hall, followed by a small reception in Faner's Humanities Lounge.

Roxana Rivera Reading, featuring poet Nickole Brown, Thursday, March 28 at 4pm in the Old Baptist Recital Hall, followed by a small reception in Faner's Humanities Lounge.

Guys Love Gals Reading, Friday, March 29 at 5pm in a location TBA, followed by a small reception in Faner's Humanities Lounge.

Come help us celebrate women writers for Women's History Month. Bring your friends! Bring your students!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Congrats to M. Brett Gaffney

Second-year poet M. Brett Gaffney has great news to share:

Just wanted to pass along some of my good news. My poem "It" was just
accepted by Slipstream :)

Congrats, Brett!!!